#NoRegrets is the name of a new training course run by the non for profit organization Gifts of Remembrance.

Aimed at those who care for bereaved families: midwives, neonatal staff and their students and support staff, medical photographers, mortuary staff, chaplains, doulas and funeral directors.

Exploring how we can empower parents to collaborate in creating and capturing every significant and special moment during the time they spent with their baby and how to enrich parents experience so that they feel able to engage in every opportunity they might wish for whilst being with their child.

The course is grounded in parents stories, packed with researched evidence of good practice, guided by experienced bereavement experts and the approach of award winning bereavement photographer Todd Hochberg.

It is practical, using cameras and role play with dolls, it’s current and it can be implemented immediately.

It is uniquely both an online course and a workshop aimed at both individuals and groups.

No previous experience with a camera required


We are very excited to announce our new online training workshop is taking shape and bookings have already started to come in. Watch our YouTube video at the top of this page!


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Many thanks goes to the parents of Archie, Rudy and Zach, who have kindly agreed to share photographs of their children in support of the work of Gifts of Remembrance. Please be respectful and do not copy these images without their permission. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.